Menstruation and Fertility Coaching For The Awakening Feminine Body


Are you marveled by your innate ability to know things and feel others deeply?

Are you aware of the depth and wisdom of your body?

Have you tapped into your sixth sense and accessed your magnetism?


These are just some aspects of an awakened female body.

The way to more intimacy in your relationships, the key to unfolding in your purpose, and evolving on the spiritual plane 

Is All dependent on your ability to be in deep relationship with your physical body.

Your physical health is just a reflection of this relationship!

That's where I come in...


My name is Bianca and I'm a Mom, Writer, Meditation Instructor, and Menstruation + Fertility Coach.  

I believe in the interconnectedness (and otherwise inseparable) connection between our thoughts, our emotions and our physical body.

I also believe in the body's natural ability to heal itself and I support women who want to heal imbalances around menstruation, fertility and thyroid health

What I've learned from reversing hormone imbalance (thyroid included) and conceiving my miracle baby: 

Healing isn't linear! It's cyclical. 

The female body operates on a month to month cycle- which is the Roadmap to optimal health.

Each phase of your cycle yields hidden potential for your inner growth and outer transformation.

Together we create the space to heal the psychosomatic connection & help you remember the freedom and joy of the female body.

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Professional Bio:

Bianca studied Communications at California State University of Los Angeles. She received her Certification in Holistic Nutrition from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and has led a Vegan lifestyle since 2013. Bianca is also certified in Meditation For Daily Stress by author/singer Michel Pascal, who carries an authentic lineage of Buddhist and Christian traditions.  She combines both her trainings in embodiment and consciousness to deliver powerful healing results to those she works with.