Conscious Conception

Preparing the physical and emotional body to conceive naturally

I Remember at 16…

being told that if I continued to have menstrual irregularities I would not be able to conceive. At the time, it didn’t entirely faze me, but the fear was embedded in my subconscious. Months after marrying my Husband, I found myself holding back my desire to have children. I cried on several occasions when the tests came back negative and felt too ashamed to reveal this desire to anyone. I was terrified to openly admit that motherhood was something I longed for. I feared facing the emotional pain if in fact motherhood was “just not in the cards for me”. My thyroid numbers were just beginning to stabilize and I had finally broken the cycle of painful/depressing menstrual cycles, endometriosis, and ovarian cysts. My OB, then boss, said that it was a miracle that I was able to conceive.


Dear Sacred Womban,

We think that preparing for a baby means having a certain amount of money in our savings, being able to afford the home in the neighborhood with the good school district, or learning how to prepare the healthiest of foods (because, seriously, what happened to our food system?!).

And while pregnancy does ask us to plan ahead and consider our ability to provide material needs, the emotional and energetic aspect of conception is often left out of the equation!

Consider this:

For nine entire months, a baby will take up space within your physical body- the warehouse for your spirit and psyche- exposed to both your processed and unprocessed emotions.

Nesting, a term often referred to as the preparation of the home before baby’s arrival, actually applies to conception as well. There is an energetic preparation, a cleansing, that is needed in order to reassure your baby that your womb - his/her next 9­- month home ‐ is safe for landing.

As a Conception Doula, I support you in the Womb Nesting Process so that you can:

  • Conceive naturally without the use of expensive drugs or invasive procedures

  • Practice tuning into and trusting your physical body

  • Decode the messages of your emotional body to find out what it needs to feel safe, strong and supported

  • & begin the journey of becoming a whole new woman!

Doing the internal work to shift our energetic state is actually what makes everything manifest in our physical world­‐ including your baby!

I learned that there was actually a process (a science) that allowed for my thyroid healing and my miracle baby to happen‐ and I’m honored that you’re letting me share it with you!

This program was specifically created for you if:

  • ­You have a history of thyroid or menstrual disorders and are experiencing difficulty conceiving

  • You are a conscious women who desires an intentional (and JOYOUS) birth experience from the very start

You and your partner are ready to take the next step, but you feel emotionally unready

Natural conception is possible & it is my mission to help you welcome your baby home!

If you and your partner are ready to take the next step, join me in the Conscious Conception Healing Intensive...

During 3 Months of Sacred Support, you will receive:

  • The Conscious Conception Questionnaire - a sacred process to activate the intention of conception  
  • 60- Minute Healing Intensive- Together we begin the Womb Nesting Process and create space in your body for conception to take place
  • 30- Minute Sacred Womban Meditations- scheduled two times per week to support the clearing and transformation of both the physical and emotional body
  • 60- Minute Womb Integration Coaching Call - delivered once a month through a powerful methodology based in embodiment and consciousness to deliver deep emotional, spiritual and physical results 

If you enroll in Conscious Conception during your consultation, you will also receive a special bonus!

What we put into our body- from the thoughts we feed it to the food we eat- matters! For the last five years, my body has thrived on a plant-based diet. It saw me through successfully eliminating Hashimoto's, a healthy pregnancy, and raising a 100% plant-based baby! In this special bonus, you'll receive my holistic nutrition intake form to address any questions you have around nutrients and optimal energy levels over a 45- Minute Nutrition Coaching Session!

We cover all of our bases! 

Two important questions you may have ...  

Can you guarantee that I will get pregnant by the end of three months?

This process is one of transformation and healing­‐ regardless of the outcome. This means that some things may be difficult to let go of, but I ask that you use our collaborative partnership as a safe space to navigate through any doubts you experience along the way. With that said, if you’ve shown up for EVERY meditation/session and still haven’t conceived, I will extend an additional month of sacred womb meditations FOR FREE.

What if I get pregnant before the three months are complete?

Yay! If this happens, then we will continue with the program to set you up for the best possible birth experience!

I understand that saying yes can feel scary!

I see you and I totally honor those feelings. However, often the biggest barrier to our deepest desires is just our ability to go all in and say YES.

The journey to and through motherhood is a sacred initiation- it requires the whole body yes- and I'm honored to do this work with you... 


Click here to schedule your complimentary Conception Consultation!


One last (very important) thing... 

Philanthropy is important to me and that's why I'm building into my business model! When you take the first step onto this empowered journey, You GIVE BACK to a momma­- to- be.


10% of your healing investment will go to Harvest Home, a non-­profit that serves pregnant women who are homeless or soon to be homeless.

I have personally led group meditations for the women at the Los Angeles Home and by funding this work I can tell you that we are breaking cycles and healing the planet!

The Harvest Home Mission:

Harvest Home transforms the lives of homeless pregnant women and their children by providing housing, support, and programs that equip women to become great mothers. 



I invite you to connect with me here if you're feeling the call to motherhood! 


Holding the vision for you,

XOXO Bianca