Channeled Wisdom From My (Almost) Four- Year- Old

My daughter channeled a message for me during our coloring session today that might serve you too!  This happened just a few hours after reciting a morning affirmation about how Mila is one of my biggest allies in this lifetime. She put the crayon down mid-scribble looking me dead in the eyes.

"Push," she said, "Push. Push. Push. You need to get the prize. Win the trophy. You need to meditate. You need to dance. You need to walk slow like this...” She broke out into a Qigong move I didn’t even know that she knew. “You need to exercise!”

(Side note:  Mila turns four in May)

She was referring to the completion of my thyroid- healing memoir. It's been one of the few hard knowings I’ve had of things that must get done in this lifetime. & beginning the journey to write has reopened childhood wounds, including my father's then drug and alcohol addiction. 

“Push. Push. Push” was my own internal cry. Not with an energy of forcing, but of determination.

The push of enough courage to go there and feel once again. The push to just let it come through. And the push to envision the trophy. Not just a finished book, but the story to free myself and everyone in my line- forwards, backwards, across multiple timelines. It’s not just a book to me, in fact. It’s Moksha. Divine liberation.

The pain that has surfaced has been met with equal amounts, if not more, peace. The depth of my intuitive gifts are unraveling undeniably through each shedding of this old self. 

So much so that the amount of peace vibrating in my cells was almost too much for me to hold all by myself today.

“Need some love?" I asked a girlfriend during our visit. I laid my hands against the side of the leg that frequently gives her trouble and when that was complete we got lost in a “high”. 

No drugs. No sugar. Just the high of being wrapped in an unconditional Love

We found ourselves completely enveloped in a state of supernatural calm, unable to speak if we tried- and we tried. We laughed at our attempts and surrendered into more silence, filling the room with an energy that could be felt for hours after I had left.

This experience only reaffirmed more of what I know about this journey, which is that the inner work is always worth it !

I wholeheartedly believe that the most important healing we will ever do for the planet is the one we do for ourselves.  & If this is resonating, it may be time for you to go there too.

So I'm curious! What waits for you on the other side of your healing?

Comment, or send me a message. I'd love to hear!

Holding the space for your unfolding,