Joyful Menstruation


The insatiable cravings and hormonal funk kicks in... 

*queue the mood music* 

You become irritable and need more space than you can possibly give yourself.... 

"Breathe over there, please!"

Annnd you feel bloat around your belly.

You know this routine. 

 You're days away from starting your cycle. 

If you've been in my shoes, You've experienced everything under the sun when it comes to your period:

Mood swings + Migraines + Bloating + Cramps + Endometriosis + and ruptured cysts

The pain is real and you're not alone... 

According to the Journal of Reproductive Medicine, over 90% of women complain of PMS symptoms. These symptoms can be enough to disrupt daily functioning- including missing work or school. 

Unfortunately, Joyful Menstruation is not most women's experience. The thought of menstruation being joyful might even make you laugh .... (Yes, I considered the fact that you might scoff when I chose the name ;)   

 But Joyful Menstruation is possible. And it's powerful! 

Imagine having an experience where you completely trusted the process, where you flowed with each phase, and you came to an understanding that menstruation is actually a blueprint to healing.... Beyond just your period.

What if upon this experience you found the gateway to being a powerful, creative and self- sovereign woman? And, as a result, you became pain-free....

The truth is, your relationship with your cycle is not just affecting your pain levels on day one:

It’s affecting your energy levels every day of the month and what you have the capacity to say yes to

It's affecting your sex drive + the level of intimacy with your partner

It's affecting your fertility and your future plans to conceive
It’s affecting your creativity, your confidence, and the way you show up in the world (and probably your physical ability to do so)

It's affecting your spiritual evolution because you haven't yet embodied the deeper wisdom of your womb

If you're done dieting and trying at home remedy for your symptoms, if you're ready for

Glowing skin + inner radiance
Feeling the joy of a body that functions at max capacity, just like nature intended  
Feeling the power of your femininity
Being your own healer

And coming home to the ultimate love for your physical body

Join me in the Joyful Menstruation Healing Intensive

Over the span of three months, you'll receive: 

A 60 Minute Aligning With Your Cycle Assessment Call - Together we identify core issues creating imbalances in the body and create a plan of action for your healing  

Weekly One on One Meditations - Powerful thirty- minute meditations scheduled once a week to prime the brain and body for natural healing, as well as alleviating any cycle symptoms 

Weekly Cycle Calibration Coaching Call - Experience a unique methodology that combines embodiment and consciousness work to deliver fast emotional, physical, and spiritual relief

60 Minute Cycle Culmination Call - Review your progress, identify any areas of the cycle that may still need some love, and create a plan of action that you can carry out on your own after the program is complete 

My mission is to help you remember what a healthy feminine body feels like!

And I am confident that we can do this together. 

If you feel like you've hit a dead end because pills are just not your thing and you've exhausted your options.... You know that there’s deeper work to be done, but maybe you don’t know where to start or how to carry out this process of healing...

Then I invite you to a complimentary 20 minute Cycle Consult to discover what phase is creating the most imbalance in your body and how you can start shifting that now! 


The #1 pre-requisite for Joyful Mensturation

You’re willing to take the inner work seriously because you understand that the only way to heal the body is by healing the mind.

This means you're ready to: 
- look at the core of why this is happening
- allow yourself to experience to a deeper truth
- and commit to getting the results you want!

While this is a collaborative effort, I hold all women who work with me to the truth of their highest self. I hold us both accountable to showing up fully to get the best results for you. 


So are you ready to break free from the pain routine?


Click here to apply for the Joyful Menstruation Healing Intensive.


See you on the other side

XoXo Bianca